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American Biologics Taurine Plus -AB1oz
Taurine Plus - 1 oz liquid


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Ultra L-Glutathione (reduced) - 60 veg. capsules
l-Glutathione - 60 Vegetarian capsules

Glutathione is known to be important to chemical detoxification functions, and glutathione in its reduced form is said to enable direct elimination of peroxides.  Our high-quality, ultra-pure product is offered in a high potency capsule.

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Calcium AEP - 100 capsules

This nutrient (Calcium salt of the ester 2-aminoethanol phosphate) was discovered by Dr. Hans Nieper. It is thought to have a positive effect by slowing myelin sheath breakdown because of its apparent ability to strengthen the outer layers of the cell membrane.

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DLPA - 60 Vegetarian capsules

D and L forms of phenylalanine in a 50/50 mix. L-phenylalanine is frequently supplemented by ortho- molecular medical doctors and psychiatrists because it is reported to possibly be beneficial with mood instabilities.

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GPC - 60 capsules

GPC or GlyceroPhosphoCholine is an orthomolecular nutrient important for cell-level homeostasis, tissue growth and renewal, organ vitality, and mind-body integration. GPC is said to provide unique osmo-protection against toxic buildup inside cells. Research suggests that GPC supports metabolic efficiency: enzymes combine GPC specifically with the omega-3 fatty acid DHA to create phospholipids essential to cell membranes. GPC is also a highly bioavailable source for both the essential nutrient choline and the ubiquitous chemical transmitter acetylcholine. Double-blind clinical research suggests that GPC boosts attention in healthy youth and counters cognitive decline in middle age. In old age GPC helps revitalize growth hormone, and enables brain-body integration. GPC may also support male fertility and is an important functional constituent of human breast milk.

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American Biologics Ultra Brain Power - 90 Capsules
Brain Power - 90 capsules

Brain PowerTM provides, in highly bioavailable forms, nutrients clinically proven to help support memory, concentration and the other higher brain functions. These nutrients are thought to operate through diverse mechanisms, circuit integration, and antioxidant defense.  

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Now: $56.26
NeuroRecovery - 90 capsules

NeuroRecoveryTM is based on the latest clinical research on rebuilding peripheral nerves and the central nervous system. This formulation is optimized to help support nerve tissue renewal. Sources of damage to nerve cells are ubiquitous in modern society. Cumulative research findings indict endogenous free radical production in the absence of adequate antioxidant defenses; drugs of lifestyle, especially alcohol (which can devastate the brain), cigarette smoke, and cocaine; many pharma-ceuticals; and heavy metals, organochlorines and other classes of pollutant chemicals. Emotional stress also exacts a toll on the nerve tissues, largely through the release of glucocorticoid hormones, which can down-regulate glucose uptake into the nerve cells and create a functional ischemia.

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Intestinal Freedom - 120 capsules

A potent, synergistic blend of botanicals, formulated specifically to promote optimal digestive function and possibly help protect against parasitic infections within the digestive tract.

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Chondroiton - 180 capsules

Purified Chondroitin Sulfates is a high potency purified Glycosaminoglycan.  It represents the full spectrum of glycosaminoglycans, including Chondroitin-4 – and –6-sulfates, plus dermatan Sulfates, Chondroitin Polysulfates, Heparin, and Hyaluronic acid.  Chondroitin sulfate is the bulk of the matrix that builds vertebral discs, ligaments, cartilage and other connective tissues.  This product is made from purified bovine tracheal tissue. 

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Connexin - 120 capsules

Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement take two (2) capsules two (2) times per day with meals. Higher intakes may be indicated, as directed by a physician.

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