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> Homocysteine Metabolism

Axis Echo 19.75 oz by Metagenics
Axis Endo (formerly Estrium) - 19.75 oz

Specialized Support for Hormone Metabolism in Men and Women

FolaPro - 60 tablets by Metagenics
FolaPro - 60 tablets

Metagenics FolaPro provides an active and preferred form of folate for the highest nutritional benefits. Folapro Folate is an essential nutrient for body processes, including hormone metabolism, DNA synthesis, homocysteine metabolism, & nervous system function.

NutriDyn Methyl Complete - 120 capsules
Methyl Complete

Enhanced Nutrient Support for Healthy Methylation & Homocysteine Metabolism

MethylCare - 120 capsules by Metagenics
MethylCare - 120 capsules

Support for Healthy Methylation & Homocysteine Metabolism