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Probiotic Sufficiency - 60 Vegetarian Capsules (3 Pack)

Probiotic Sufficiency - 60 Vegetarian Capsules (3 Pack) by Innate Choice
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SKU: ICPS060-3
UPC: 94922611987
Size: 60 vegetarian capsules (3 pack)
Manufacturer: Innate Choice


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Innate Choice Probiotic Sufficiency - 60 Vegetarian Capsules (3 Pack)

3 Pack - Innate Choice Probiotic Sufficiency

Why do we need probiotics for health?

Research into probiotics has received much attention in recent years. If you're looking for a quick primer on probiotics check out our recent article on "The How, When & Why of Probiotics". Speaking of studies, there have been over 1000 research studies conducted in the past ten years.1 Much of this research has been performed to determine the therapeutic effect of probiotics, meaning using them as "drugs" to treat various forms of illnesses. While there is powerful evidence to support their use in this way, at Innate Choice™ our mission is the promotion of health and wellness and the prevention of illness. We believe this is a much more logical and scientific approach to health. The allopathic approach of waiting until you are sick and then trying to treat the illness will always be inefficient, dangerous and costly both in financial and, more importantly, in human terms.

Probiotic Sufficiency™ is the world’s only probiotic formula based on those species found most commonly in the food of our ancestors and in the intestinal tracts of healthy human beings. We know from research that our ancestors consumed healthier diets and had superior health and less chronic illness compared to modern, Industrial humans. In consideration of this fact, Probiotic Sufficiency™ has been created from the "ground-up" to model the types and amounts of bacteria ingested by our ancestors - the types and amounts we genetically require. The most prevalent species in Probiotic Sufficiency™ is Lactobacillus plantarum, which was the most common bacteria in the food of our ancestors and is still the most common bacteria in fermented foods in Africa. Lactobacillus plantarum was also the dominant species isolated from the GI tracts of healthy subjects in a recent study in the United States.2 Not surprisingly, it is also one of the species most commonly shown by research to have health-promoting effects. Every one of the nine different species of probiotic bacteria in Probiotic Sufficiency™ was chosen using these scientific criteria.

The human normal flora was determined thousands of years before humans ever consumed dairy, goat’s milk, or grains. For this reason, Probiotic Sufficiency™ is derived from 100% vegetarian culture and contains no dairy, soy, goat or grain products. It is provided in a 100% vegetarian gel capsule and is entirely wheat free. Probiotic Sufficiency™ contains over 30 billion viable organisms per serving, one of the highest amounts available!

How do I store Probiotic Sufficiency?

Probiotics are deanimated living organisms and are reanimated with moisture. For this reason they need to be kept in a moisture-free environment and away from higher temperatures and humidity. We want you to receive the maximum number of beneficial bacteria possible. In order to achieve this we do two very important things. First we actually put 19 billion organisms in each capsule rather than the 15 billion on our label claim. Second, we store the product in a refrigerated warehouse to ensure minimal degradation of the bacteria. During the summer months we express ship on Monday’s and Tuesday’s only to ensure that you receive your product with minimal exposure to heat and humidity. The combination of putting extra organisms in each capsule, storing the product in a refrigerated warehouse facility, and express shipping during the summer months ensures that you receive the minimum of 15 billion live cells per capsule.

Once you receive your order, immediately store it in the refrigerator or freezer. Storing in the freezer maximizes shelf life but refrigerator storage is sufficient to meet the shelf life stamped on your bottle.

The product will not spoil and is always safe to take. Heat and humidity may reduce the full potency of the product but it will not make it unsafe. Should you need to travel, simply take the required number of capsules with you. Our manufacturer’s research shows that there are only very minimal losses without refrigeration for periods of time up to one week.

  • 3 Pack
  • World's only probiotic formula specifically designed based on our innate genetic requirments of healthy intestinal flora
  • 60 servings (30 day supply)


It is not uncommon to experience what is referred to as excessive drainage syndrome when ridding the intestine of pathogenic bacteria and yeast and re-establishing normal flora. When the unwanted bacteria and yeast begin to die off and be cleansed from the intestine toxins can be released which can sometimes lead to headaches, diarrhea, gas, bloating, or constipation. 

This is really a positive sign that the intestine is being cleansed of these toxin releasing and illness-promoting bacteria and fungi but it can be uncomfortable for a few days.

To minimize this excessive drainage syndrome we recommend introducing Probiotic Sufficiency™ slowly, perhaps one capsule every two days for the first week, then one capsule per day for the second week and then on to the regular two capsules per day thereafter.

Innate Choice® was founded by Dr. James Chestnut after over 25 years of research into the human requirements for health and wellness. As the son of a Ph.D. Fisheries Biologist, Dr. Chestnut is a wellness clinician and physiologist who has spent his entire life studying and exploring nature, ecosystems, and the health of the animals, especially humans, that inhabit them. His research and clinical experience have led him to the discovery that humans, like all animals, are genetically programmed to express health when the proper natural raw materials in terms of nutrition, exercise, and positive thoughts and emotions (social environment) are provided. 

Tragically, few humans living in industrial society meet the daily requirements of these natural required raw materials for health and the result is a pandemic of preventable human suffering and early death.  Dr. Chestnut’s professional mission is to alleviate this pandemic and to increase the quality of human and other animal life on this planet to the greatest extent possible.  Innate Choice® is the nutritional manifestation of Dr. Chestnut’s mission and was developed with the purpose of providing practitioners and the public with evidence-based, optimal quality, fad-free, natural nutritional products and accurate information.    

Our Mission

Our mission is to save and enrich human and other animal lives through better nutrition. We fulfill this mission by providing wellness practitioners and consumers with the highest quality, purest, most natural product line possible founded on scientific evidence and aimed at 100% consumer satisfaction.

Our Promise

We promise to you that our mission will always guide us. We promise to always provide the best product available based on the best available scientific evidence at the best possible price.  We promise to maintain the highest possible standards in terms of product quality, customer service, and nutritional information. We promise to provide products that are based on nutritional requirement not marketing potential. We promise to always create only such products as we would take ourselves or give to our own families.