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> Neurologic Support

Metagenics Benesom - 60 Tablets at

Benesom is formulated to promote a restful, relaxed state and relieve occasional sleeplessness by beneficially modulating the metabolism of melatonin and promoting relaxation.

Nutridyn Brain Support
Brain Support

Dietary supplement for  Neurologic support

Metagenics Cenitol - 7.8oz (222g) Powder

Nervous System Support

Metagenics GinkoRose - 60 Tablets

Herbal Support for Healthy Brain Function

HLC Mindlinx Capsules

Probiotic Supplement. 


HLC Mindlinx Powder

Probiotic formula. 12 billion CFU per dose.

Mega B12 Folic

Combination of Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid