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Active Multi Vite
Advances overall growth and development 
Was: $75.96
Now: $63.30
BASIC PREVENTIVE 1 (with iron & copper)

Basic Preventive 1 is ideal for adult general health and wellness of all genders and ages.

Was: $50.88
Now: $42.40
BASIC PREVENTIVE 2 (iron and copper free)

Basic Preventive® 2 is a comprehensive, highly concentrated vitamin-mineral-trace element supplement containing more than 30 essential nutritional ingredients. 

Was: $41.04
Now: $34.20
BASIC PREVENTIVE 3 (with copper & iron)

Basic Preventive 3 has been carefully developed to contain the right proportions of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements without danger of toxic build-up and without side effects.

Was: $50.88
Now: $42.40
Children's Complete Multiple

A complete, scientifically formulated multi-nutrient formula designed for children 1 year and older.

Was: $37.19
Now: $30.99
Children's Multi (32 oz) at
Children's Multi (32 oz)

Children's Multiple is as complete as the Daily Multiple without the ginseng or honey.

Was: $35.33
Now: $29.44
Daily Multiple (32 oz)

Daily Multiple is an amazing blend of whole foods designed to provide the vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and amino acids your body deserves. 

Was: $33.25
Now: $27.71
Junior Nutrients Capsules by Pure Encapsulations
Junior Nutrients 120's

With Metafolin® L-5-MTHF - Comprehensive multivitamin/mineral blend without iron for children ages 4 and up


Was: $26.16
Now: $21.80
Liquid Multi-Vite Min

Support immune system health and an antioxidant for the maintenance of good health

Was: $39.84
Now: $33.20

Liquid Multivitamin is ideal for individuals who wish to take vitamin, mineral and trace elements in a liquid supplement.

Was: $51.84
Now: $43.20