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Metagenics Glutagenics - Powder 9.16 oz. (259.5 grams)
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SKU: ND-M325
UPC: 755571017482
Size: 9.07 oz. (259.5 grams)
Manufacturer: Metagenics
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Metagenics Glutagenics

Metagenics Glutagenics features Glutamine (an amino acid), licorice (processed to negate any adverse licorice effects) and aloe vera (with the laxative properties removed) combine to effectively support the integrity and healthy function of the gastrointestinal lining for healthy digestion, immunity and overall wellness. 9.16 oz. The three key ingredients found in Glutagenics are glutamine, deglycyrrhizinized licorice (DGL), and aloe vera. These ingredients comprehensively support the integrity and healthy function of the gastrointestinal lining.

Glutamine is an important amino acid. L-glutamine is the form found in foods, supplements and the human body. Glutamine is found usually where protein is found in foods for example here are the following approximate quatities of glutamine in popular foods:

  • Eggs: 4.4% (0.6 g per 100 g of eggs)
  • Beef: 4.8% (1.2 g per 100 g of beef)
  • Skim milk: 8.1% (0.3 g per 100 g of milk)
  • Tofu: 9.1% (0.6 g per 100 g of tofu)
  • White rice: 11.1% (0.3 g per 100 g of rice)
  • Corn: 16.2% (0.4 g per 100 g of corn)

It is part of the proteins in your body and involved in immune function and intestinal health.As your intestines are a major part of your immune system glutamine is an energy source for your intestinal and immune cells. It also helps maintain the barrier between the intestines and the rest of your body and aids with proper growth of intestinal cells. Glutamine plays an important role in immune function. However, during illness or injury, the body may not be able to produce enough of it. Glutamine supplements may help improve immune function and preserve protein stores in the body.

Metagenics Glutagenics:

• Supports a healthy intestinal lining, which is essential for healthy digestion, healthy immune function and overall health.

• Supplies high levels of the amino acid glutamine, which provides both a source of fuel and precursors for growth to the rapidly dividing cells of the intestinal lining.

• Provides a concentrated licorice extract that has been processed to remove glycyrrhizin, reducing the risk of adverse effects associated with licorice.

• The processing and removal of the bitter principles in aloe prevent a laxative effect.

• Powdered form for ease of use and flexible dosing.

• Features natural flavors for improved taste.

Reviewed by Steve , 02/27/2019

I use to take two of the 40mg Nexium a day for acid in my throat and GI issues. Which really didn't solve my issues. A integrative Dr. suggested this product about 6 years ago, and I've used it ever since and been off of my Rx since then. The minute I get that acid feeling or heartburn, I take and it goes away within a minute . I've told so many friends and family members about this, who have tried and now use it instead of their OTC or Rx . My neighbor has Barrets , is off of his medication and uses this for his reflux . It's totally worth the money !!

Reviewed by KM , 02/23/2019

It works! Not overnight but it DOES heal your gut

Reviewed by steven g, 02/11/2019

This product is terrific. Can eliminate reflux issues completely (obviously decent food choices helps as well) I refer to it as “Miracal Medicine!”

Reviewed by Georgina J, 12/11/2018

Great product I have Celiac disease it really helps me live a more normal life not having to have stomach pain

Reviewed by Judy L, 10/11/2018

We started giving these supplements to our 6 year old autistic son due to his gastrointestinal issues as we had read that it helps with “leaky gut”. It has made a difference. It seems he’s absorbing the nutrients from his food better (we can tell in various ways) and he has more normal stool verses loose stool. He has fewer GI issues in general.

Reviewed by Juanita R, 07/05/2018

This product was recommended by my doctor!

Reviewed by Jessica , 06/25/2018

very good at healing the gut mucosa!

Reviewed by Diane S, 05/10/2018

Best healer for acid reflux. We've had reflux for years and take Prilosec for relief. I wanted to go with a more holistic approach and this works! I take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to get its full effects. I can tell a huge difference. I also take it when I get home from my day in a semi empty stomach to really heal my gut. This works! I feel better, my symptoms have lessened and it makes me feel better than taking a medication every day. It’s worth the money and works!

Reviewed by LJ , 04/19/2018

My functional medicine practitioner recommended this for leaky gut, in combination with arabinogalactin powder by Vital Nutrients. Worked great.

Reviewed by KC , 04/06/2018

This is the best cure/help for celiac disease and IBS c & d! I can live my normal life!

Reviewed by X , 04/05/2018


Reviewed by Riding , 03/25/2018

I ordered this product based on the positive reviews. Last year I had an Endoscopy procedure that revealed a abnormal sphincter and a irritated esophagus . I went on a PPI regimen along with liquid antacids. I did change my diet to include no alcohol. This did help some to eliminate the inflammation but at times I would have flareups. I did not like taking a PPI and the consumption of antacids. I received this product March 2 ,2018 and started taking it the next day. I took one dose in the morning and one at night. I did this for one week and then reduced to one dose. per day. I have not taken any antacids or Omeprazole as of to date March 25. I did discuss this with my doctor and will be giving him feedback after 1 month, he is very interested in my results. From the reports that I read this product is not a band-aid , it helps to replenish the mucous lining of the esophagus and stomach. I am so very satisfied with this product.

Reviewed by Helen W, 03/13/2018

This should not be used long term. Seek doctor or practictioner advice.

Reviewed by Robinre , 03/03/2018

Great product but very expensive. But is great for stabilizing stomach acid.

Reviewed by Amanda S, 02/27/2018

While it's pricey, this stuff has helped my husband tremendously! He drinks this every morning (he likes it mixed in about half a glass of OJ) and immediately feels a difference. Worth it!

Reviewed by Amber H, 01/27/2018

This brand has absolutely the best flavor I have tried! My gut healing had been long and slow with many supplements, this is one of the few that I actually didnt mind taking. It really helps move things along without any cramps, bloating or diarrhea. I can really tell when I miss a few days, it works great.

Reviewed by Suzie , 01/15/2018

This is a terrific product!! It has helped my intestines run smoothly, tastes great and dissolves well. There is also NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETNER ADDED as in similar products.

Reviewed by Suzanne , 01/12/2018

The best health product I have ever bought!! I was taking Nexium for my acid reflux. Even with the Nexium, I was waking up in the middle of the night with terrible reflux. Immediately when I started taking this product, my reflux almost completely disappeared. I took one or two doses daily for about a week and then cut it back to once a day. Within a few weeks, I felt great and was back to eating normally. Now, I only take the product when I feel reflex flaring up again. Sometimes I may go a couple of weeks without taking it at all. I am thrilled with the results and if I could rate it 10 stars I would. Although it is expensive, it is worth every penny of it!

Reviewed by Rae , 01/04/2018

Love this, thanks!

Reviewed by Alison H, 12/28/2017

Easy to take with water.

Reviewed by Shawn , 11/15/2017

On time delivery and the right stuff. Thanks! The price is bit high.

Reviewed by jessica D, 10/29/2017

Best product I’ve ever used.

Reviewed by Cher , 08/01/2017

Received when promised. Appears to work well, taste (mixed with a little milk) is fine. Very expensive.

Reviewed by mcdmtt1 , 07/26/2017

Bitter tasting but really helpful for digestion

Reviewed by A C, 06/26/2017

it does work, but do not take long-term. after usage for a couple months, started getting high blood pressure surges and headaches, which might have been due to the licorice. so i discontinued, and the blood pressure surges and headaches went away.

Reviewed by Johanna H, 06/26/2017

recommended for my GED

Reviewed by Rusalina I, 04/25/2017

Great product and it does what it's supposed to do! Great price!

Reviewed by mike , 03/04/2017

I only used a tiny pinch and it caused my throat to burn! I could not swallow! Google the dozens of negative side effects of L-Glutamine before you purchase this!

Reviewed by Clara C, 03/02/2017


Reviewed by D. P, 01/22/2017

My Naturopathic Doctor recommended this for chronic gastritis. I was having side effects from H2 Blockers and PPIs. The taste is not bad at all and it's helped somewhat. I will continue using it.

Reviewed by Af440 , 01/19/2017

Too expensive for what it is

Reviewed by Dee , 01/19/2017

recommended by my holistic MD. Seems to help with stomach issues

Reviewed by QC , 01/16/2017

works amazing for upset digestion burn and spasms. It coats the lining and helps you heal.

Reviewed by Andrew B, 01/12/2017

After months and months of antibiotics my digestive system wasn't doing to well. After about a week of taking Glutagenics my gut started feeling soooo much better. A month later it feels better than it did before. My nausea and acid reflux went away almost completely. I won't go into much detail about my bowel movements, but they have been consistent and amazing since I started this. Highly recommend for anyone with digestive issues.

Reviewed by CDA g, 12/14/2016

I have stomach issues and this has helped so much. Less lower intestinal issues and less acid reflux. Tastes like caramel.

Reviewed by Toronto B, 12/11/2016

Great alternative for what i used to use at fraction of price

Reviewed by Adeline G, 12/03/2016

I recommend this for your GI tract.

Reviewed by Hanna M, 12/01/2016

This was not the product I wanted. I was looking for Glutaloemine and it's only sold by one company. This product offered to have the same results, but doesn't. Nothing against this product, but no 2 chemicals are the same. This was not the chemical I thought I was ordering.

Reviewed by Bucknutter , 11/27/2016

An amazing product prescribed by our doctor in combination with other products. Glutagenics is a fast-acting, short-term fix to an upset stomach. For more information, locate a "functional medicine" physician in your area.

Reviewed by Mary T, 11/12/2016

I love it, it works well for me!

Reviewed by P. S, 09/03/2016

Maybe this would work wonders, but I can't drink it all. I hate milk and this tastes like watered down milk. I tried a couple times.... making it with less or really cold water. Nothing worked. It needs to be done on an empty stomach and it took me forever just to drink half. (The really cold water worked best). It could have been all in my head, but I would get too nauseated to finish. I will give it a break and maybe try again in a couple weeks. It was too expensive to just throw it away.

Reviewed by AlwaysTruth#1 , 08/25/2016

I am sure this might be a ok product, but simple tasted awful to me.
Sorry best I can say is try it if you need it. It might taste fine.

Reviewed by Kathy H, 08/07/2016

Works very well - thanks!

Reviewed by HB , 07/28/2016

Very good product

Reviewed by Mya F, 07/27/2016

My friend recommended this to me, and I mix it in with my breakfast smoothies. I have felt so much better since using it.

Reviewed by Mooreski , 07/10/2016

I have an ulcer that flares up from time to time and this stuff heals it within a few days if I take it a couple or 3 times a day. Very well worth it and won't do without.

Reviewed by Britt S, 07/07/2016

I used the entire canister.
Only one teaspoon Glutagenics, each morning, with one tablespoon of Metamucil Orange-Smooth in about 8oz of water.
This definitely helped my mucous production internally, but towards the end I started to feel like maybe I was overproducing based on the consistency of my bowel movements/etc. Be sure to consult a doctor and/or nutritionist while you add/alter supplements to your diet.
It didn't upset my stomach, and the flavor basically "vanilla-izes" and sweetens anything it's in. No it does not taste at all like licorice. Not even a little bit. If this tastes like licorice, then vanilla really tastes like honey...or marshmallows or something - that would be the same comparison.
I guess the worst I can say is that it has a placebo effect? Which still isn't bad. I mean, if a placebo works, I don't care so long as I feel better. Just never tell me it's a placebo and we'll be copacetic.

Reviewed by TMR , 07/07/2016

My naturopathic Doctor recommended this after I was scoped and had an abrasion in my esophagus and inflammation in my stomach. I am sure it is a great product. However, I have a problem with drinking it. At first there is no taste but at the end it has a fruity milk taste. I am not a milk drinker so I don't like it.

Reviewed by Craig B, 07/05/2016

this stuff really seems to help my stomach and body a lot! So far I can't go one day without taking it. I'll update this review after a full 30 days of taking it.

Reviewed by MexMavin , 07/05/2016

This is a very helpful product for your digestion.

One teaspoon (4.33 grams) supplies:

L-Glutamine: 3500 mg

Deglycyrrhizinized Licorice Root 10:1 Extract: 500* mg

Aloe Leaf Extract† (Aloe barbadensis): 50* mg

Other Ingredients:

Natural Flavors.

† Proprietary extraction process removes laxative bitter principles, confirmed by thin layer chromatography (TLC). Equivalent to 10 g of aloe leaf gel.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Mix one teaspoon with water three times daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

About Metagenics

For more than 25 years, we've strived to help people improve their health and reverse chronic illness via quality products and services and leading edge nutritional science. And by any indication, we've been successful in achieving our goals. But none of it would be possible without an unwavering dedication and commitment to the following core values, which form the cornerstone of everything we do. Together, these values guide our decision making and behavior as a company and as individuals, shaping the way we do business and treat our customers.