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DHA Jr. Xtra at Simply Nutrients
DHA Jr Xtra

DHA Jr. Xtra is a potent source of omega-3 DHA, an essential nutrient for proper development of the brain, eyes, and nervous and immune systems in children.

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Now: $18.66

Klean Cognitive™ may be a useful dietary supplement for individuals who desire a patented, scientifically researched combination of nutrients plus antioxidants to support healthy aging and cognition.

Was: $55.20
Now: $46.00

Support for Cognitive Health and Brain Function

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Now: $39.95
MCT Oil at Simply Nutrients

Helps to increase ketone production

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Now: $49.95
MCT Powder at Simply Nutrients
MCT Powder

Helps to increase ketone production

Was: $59.98
Now: $49.95
OmegaGenics DHA 600 Concentrate

Targeted Support for Brain Health, Cognitive Function & Eye Health

Was: $61.80
Now: $51.95
ProDHA Focus Jr at Simply Nutrients
ProDHA Focus Jr

ProDHA™ Focus Jr. is a unique blend of nutrients that benefits attention and learning by supporting overall brain health.

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Now: $33.96
ProOmega 3-6-9 at Simply Nutrients
ProOmega 3.6.9 - 120 ct

This enhanced formulation offers high levels of support for cardiovascular function, metabolism, brain health, and positive mood.

Was: $57.95
Now: $49.25